Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Look At Me!

- These are some new polishes I'm trying, the brand is Color Mates, have you seen them?  They seem to be at Dollar Trees, they're pretty nice, I've liked all the ones I've tried.  The two I'm wearing here are "Look At Me!" and the accent is "Purplesque", and they're brighter in person.   Can't beat them for a buck, I have about 12 of them so far, check your local Dollar Trees!

And I want to apologize for my absence lately.  I've had a really hard last few months, and I'm not totally thru the storm yet, and I want to thank my followers/readers who have stayed with me, and even a few new ones I got along the way while I was gone.   I'm really going to do my best to update here more often.  I never stopped loving beauty and trying new things when I could, I just failed at posting.

Take A Peek...