Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MOAR Empties!

- More recent empties for the trash.  Working my way through more shampoo/conditioner samples.  My friend Aaron and his mom gave me a bunch more in my birthday package and some of these came from there (Thank you Aaron and Debbie), I probably have enough now that I don't have to buy shampoo or conditioner all summer which is pretty awesome!

Then I also finally finished the Clean % Clear from my Project Pan, I miss it dearly though, I'm not 100% that they still make it, but if they do I'm going to need to get some sometime in the future.  I'm using the Wet N Wild make up remover and I do not like it.  Also the body wash by Clean & Clear was awesome I wouldn't mind a full size of that one.  <3

Sunday, June 17, 2012

I Only Eat Matte Salads...

- This is Spoiled's I Only Eat Salads, but then I used the Hard Candy matte top coat on it.  I've been feeling mattes lately.

It's sort of an ugly pretty, but I always like those.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women Of Rock Challenge!

Taken From Google Image Search.
- Okay so this week's challenge was Women Of Rock, and the women I picked aren't necessarily "Rock" but they're what I ended up choosing.  The first being Adele.  It wasn't perfect but I did like how it and the photos turned out <3
 - I know for this look the shadows are all from the Shady Lady palettes by TheBalm.  The lipstick was Revlon Baby Pink.  Liner is Physicians Formula and a Loreal HIP one.  And I'm wearing Maybelline Falsies.
 - What do you mean it's a faux pas to wear your hair as a scarf?

Taken From Google Image Search.
 - The next woman I choose since I couldn't choose just one lol was Gwen.   It also wasn't perfect, my lip color was just a bit off.
 - I'm using a WnW matte black as well as Madd Style Cosmetix shadow in Dr. Franken Furter.  And NB Mineral Shadow in Seductive.  I also used Physician's Formula liner and the Loreal HIP one.  Maybelline Falsies mascara again.  Lipstick is WnW Cherry Bomb.

I feel I'm also paying homage to MissChievous here without meaning to at the time or realizing it.  But she's amazing too.

Sally Girl Neon Makeup Brushes!

- For those of you swinging by Sally's in the near future they currently have Sally Girl makeup brushes, in neons and they're super adorable!  I think they had one other color which was a yellow/green I think?  And they did have a powder brush and a foundation brush too.  I just got the eyeshadow brushes and a baby kabuki because it was just the cutest thing in the world.   They're 99 cents each and I think they're a limited time only thing, so you might want to step on it!

Small Haul.

Click to make me bigger!
- Little haul from a bit ago.  Just finally getting around to sharing.  I have some other 'hauls' to post soon but they're birthday presents - my birthday is on Monday!

The green yellow polish you see is coming up in a future post too, wearing it right now.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Empties For The Trash...

- Some more empties for the trash.
Mainly all hair stuff with the exception of the one Ahava lotion, which was amazing, and I totally want a full size, I loved the smell soooo much.   But it's a little more than I normally would spend on lotion, so I haven't gotten any, and I'm sure I have plenty of lotion I should use up first (although my birthday is in 2 weeks pretty much so anyone thinking of a present for me haha)

I did not like the smell of the Fructis.   The Nexxus was nice, but I feel I should have skipped the leave in because it just made my hair feel eh.  I really didn't like the TRESemme either, it also didn't make my hair feel good - I still have one use left in the shampoo bottle, so expect to see it in the next empties post.   And the Fekkai's were nice too.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Influenster Spring Beauty VoxBox!

- I haven't had a chance to post about this late, so I'm probably the last person to do so, but I was sooo excited to get my first VoxBox!   I got the Spring Beauty VoxBox, which is a really fitting one for my first box.

I got Twilight Woods body spray, Dr. Scholl's high heel inserts, Sheer Cover concealer, Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Wild Child, Aveeno, Chapstick, and a SoyJoy bar.   You can expect some more posts about some of these products coming soon.

Until then I highly urge and suggest everyone to hop on over to Influenster and sign up for the site, it's a pretty awesome site.   I should probably try and explain a VoxBox to those who are unaware, it's a box you get for free (if you qualify for that box, they do different kinds) with items to review and try out.

Birchbox and MyGlam should really take a lesson from Influenster if you ask me.

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