Sunday, November 28, 2010

Face Candy Couture Look.

 - Okay so these first pictures are taken in my living room under the lamp.

I used Sneaky and Fall, I also used a highlighting color (from "Night Elf" by Wet N Wild since like you probably noticed from my previous post I didn't think to get a highlighting color.
 Then I used a eyeliner by Revlon Vital Radiance in Soft Espresso.  I also used my Elf Eyeshadow primer as well.

These went on nicely, had good staying power.   They're very pretty.  I like I like.  Can't wait to try some of the other colors.
 I did go a little overboard with the Fall maybe a little, but I have reasoning, maybe not good reasoning but reasoning nonetheless.
I managed to spill fall all over myself which made me sad because it was such a pretty color.  But I dropped the little ziplock and out it all went.  All over my white and red pj's hopefully it'll come out alright.
 But yes mucho sadness over the loss of Fall so I tried to make up for it by putting more on.  So that way in my head it didn't seem like such a sad waste.

But yes anyway, lovely products.  Everyone should give them a try.
 - These two pictures were taken in my bathroom, where one of the bulbs is one of those true sunlight whatever bulbs.  But I think it's honestly more off about the colors than my regular lamp.  This is the one that made those blues look black and silver.

- For fun this is just the mirror I like to use while I'm doing my make up.  It's just one I bought while I worked at Kohl's.  I decided to take a pic since it also managed to get shadow on it when it spilled.  There is quite a bit in those little ziplocks, on the site she says theres enough for at least one application but I'd say there's more like 3 or so at least.

Face Candy Couture.

With Flash.
 -  First off say hello to the new kid on the block.  Face Candy Couture.  Or at least certainly new to me.

I thought it was a nice touch that she has the company name on the back of the envelope as well.  She also includes a business card.

The free samples I got were:
Fall, Sneaky, Mystery, Harvest Moon, and Raspberry Love.

Without Flash.
-  I seem to have gotten colors that are all fairly similar, but I seem to have a tendency to do that without meaning to.   I really need to try and be more conscience of that.

In the next post you'll get to see a few of these in action.

If you would also be interest in trying a few samples before buying go here: Face Candy Couture Samples.  You can also follow her on twitter or facebook via there.

Ulta Nail Polishes, Again.

 - "Cocktail Waitress" by Ulta.

Does anyone know the true significance of painting your ring finger a different color?  I see it on blogs and I just kind of figured maybe it had something to do with love/marriage being your left hand ring finger would indicate marriage and what not.  I didn't just do my left though I opted to do both to match.
 - "Blue For You"  by Ulta.

I used the high shine top coat that came with these, I was excited to get that, I've never tried their top coat, I really liked it, one of my true test of a top coat for me is how long it takes to dry.  This dried pretty quickly.   It went on fairly smoothly, I mean you can see a few bubbles but overall I was happy with these two's applications.

Then my next test of the application and dry time is, okay whenever I do my nails I always have to go to the bathroom right afterwards, like clock work and that's almost always how I ruin my thumb nails.  But it was dry, it wasn't budging.  No matter what I seem to do afterwards it was good.  I was so happy.  Dear Ulta I love you, and these polishes, I must at some point get more from this line.
 - Please ignore my lack of clean up of my cuticles and ahem finger.  I'm always in a hurry to want to take the pictures.
- This pinky nail broke right the next day, so I guess it's gold I got the pictures taken.  R.I.P. Pinky Nail.

Black Friday!!!

 - Nivea Kiss Of Relief (from the dollar store)
- Nail polish remover since I'd just run out.
- Ulta mini polishes (don't have the names off hand) 2.99
- Ulta nail polish with high shine top coat, nail polish is "Cocktail Waitress".  3.99
- Ulta nail polish in "Blue For You" with high shine top coat too 3.99.
Hope I have those names right.
 - L.A. Colors nail polish in Transformer, from dollar store.
- NYC nail polish in Plaza Plumberry, 93 cents.
- Secret deorderant with mini spray of Wild Orchid.  4 something, I love it and the mini bottle, so cute.
- Burn Notice Season two 9.99.
- Burn Notice Season three 12.99.
 - Weeds Season 4 (not pictured because mom was watching it), 9.99.
- Weeds Season 5 9.99.
- House Season 5 12.99.
 - Julie & Julia - 5.99

I also got "My Sisters Keeper" which isn't pictured because I just got it today.  I was going to get it on Black Friday at Best Buy for 3.99 but the line wrapped around the store and I was only getting the one thing so I was like forget it.  But Borders was doing a three day Black Friday sale and I found the last copy of it there today randomly for 4.99 and so I got it yay.
 - The Blind Side 3.99.
- The Back-up Plan 9.00 (May or may not return it just because I thought it was 5 dollars and it wasn't.  It is a cute movie though.)

- Calypso Black Cherry Lemonade, so good.
- Burn Notice Season One - 9.99.
NYC nail polish in Purple Pizzazz Frost, 93 cents.

Okay and in the last picture, I just got the Reindeer piggy (or really Andrew got it for me) and that is my collection of piggy's, short one which was in the living room.

So what did everyone get?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Aromaleigh Package!

 - The package is so cute.

Then there's a picture of them in the big ziplock.  Then them sitting on my lap desk with the free samples she included.

Then the first picture of them with my phone there is no flash there is on the second one.  And the last two shots are the bottoms to include the names.  I haven't actually got to try these ones yet, just got them yesterday.

But I'm super excited.

 In a side note I got to just order the free item to review from CSN stores, also very excited about that.

We'll Always Have Paris...

 - This shot is without a flash.
This is OPI's Suede in "We'll Always Have Paris".  I did a top coat on the ends, I wanted it to be like a french tip but I winged it and it didn't quite work out the way I wanted it.
- This is with flash.

I don't see a huge difference between matte and suede, does anyone else?  I wasn't sure what to expect with suede, I imagined it having some kind of texture upon drying which I don't really think it does.  I wish it did, that'd be cool.

I oddly enough don't own a lot of OPI and this was probably one of the first I bought and it was the suede that sucked me in.  I do want some of their new ones however, mucho.

I've worn this since late Tuesday night, and it is now Thursday night and I had chips last night.  And I mean it does come with a thing saying it won't wear as long as their normal OPI but what does "Doesn't wear as long" mean, does it mean if the regular say wore for a week this would wear for half a week?  As oppose to I have chips in a day?  I love the color but was a bit sad about the chipping so soon.  I wonder if it matters that I'd put the top coat on the ends, which you'd think would have actually helped since that'd be normally where you'd first get chipage.  Blah.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Ulta Nail Polish...

- This is Ulta's Chic Peek nail polish, I love the color.  It didn't go on as smoothly as I'd liked but maybe somehow that was my error because the Ulta polish I used before did go on very nicely.  I do however want to rename this polish to "Caffeine Fix", idk why.

In the last picture is a free sample I got of some Vaseline lotion, I just thought it'd be adorable if it were a real tiny bottle, but it's not a bottle at all, sadness.

First Impressions...

- This is just a look I did to go meet a friend of mine.  I'm pretty sure it's from the Golden Goddess Wet N Wild, but I could be wrong, I know for a fact it was one of the limited holiday edition ones I have.  Then of course we have some Almay liquid liner and some Maybelline liner on bottom.  And Rimmel Accelerator mascara.  Oh and Elf eyeshadow primer of course.

Review Coming Soon For CSN Stores...

I will have a review coming up for CSN stores (a lovely woman named Caitlin asked me to do a review for them, yay, exciting, I feel special), if you aren't familiar with them they have 200+  stores, they seem to sell everything from, jewelry (lovely jewelry, see below for something I'm certainly eyeing), to counter stool, to some awesome boots, just about anything you can think of.

- This is one of the necklaces I'm eyeing, isn't it gorgeous.    If you adore it too, it's Skyline Silver Sterling Silver with Amethyst Celtic Necklace.

They also have the cutest pig necklace, but it's a child's necklace so the chain would be way too small for me unless I can put it on a different chain, I think I'll go take another look right now.   Exciting, jewelry is always exciting.

Beautiful things are love.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blank Nails...

- Since this almost never happens, I took a picture of my bare nails.  I was feeling like such crap last night (I'm coming down with a sinus infection) so I didn't end up doing my nails last night.  I'll probably do them tonight.  Still so tired, and worn out.  Just feeling drained.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Where For Art Thou Julieanne...

 - This is Zoya's Julieanne nail polish that Joe got for me.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of it in the sunlight (But we're into Minnesota's winter now and it was already set by the time I got outside today) maybe I can get one tomorrow.
- It didn't go on quite as smooth as I would have liked, but maybe that fault was mine.   It looks a lot more alive in the bottle it seems kind of dark on my nails, or maybe just not quite as brilliant as it appeared in the bottles.  But also maybe once I get in the sun it'll appease me more.

Just Two Things...

- Just two things from the dollar store.

L.A. Colors nail polish in Black Velvet

And a LA Cross tweezers that I liked the style of.

Snow Sprite.

 - This is with a Wet N Wild holiday 2010 eyeshadow palette in Snow Sprite.  The shadows were from the blues side but they photographed much more silver/white and black.

I also used Elf Eyelid Primer and Rimmel's Lash Accelerator mascara.
 I really am loving these palettes.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


First off, a awesome give away that's going on for some gorgeous eyeshadows.

 - Just one I got, it was clearanced for 2.99 from 7 so yay.  It's Orly's Goth, it's black with silver sparkles.

Take A Peek...