Friday, January 28, 2011

Burgundy Flirt...

- This is Rimmel's Burgundy Flirt.  These pictures were taken when it was like two days old, so they don't look quite so fresh there.  Sorry about that.  

And with all the cleaning I've had to do the last few days my manicure is shot.

Although today at the post office the cashier told me he liked my nails, he said they were scary red or something.  It was nice to get a compliment.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boo Cleaning.

- Because this is what happens.  I forgot to take more pictures because what I did was take the polish off my index fingers and put on the Minty color from Sally Hansen.  Which didn't go on very well.  Sorry for the camera phone pic too.

I took this other picture for a journaling group I'm in but hey guess what my index finger nail polish.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

It's A Gray Area Really...

- Sally Hansen's Xtreme wear in Gray Area.  I've never really done gray nails so this is new.  But I like it.I think when I get to do konading it'll look really good on this polish too.

A Haul...

- Alright the photos above, one is with a flash one is without.  I got:
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Burgundy Flirt.
Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Marine Blue.
(Had a buy one get one free on Rimmel.)
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Gray Area
Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Mint Sorbert

I got a thing of Incoco to try in Passion, not the best color but it was clearanced for only 1.29 and I thought it'd be a good way to try it.

I also got one of the new Wet N Wild's Fast Dry's to try.  I think it's Teal Of Fortune.

Zoya's Zara...

- This is Zoya's Zara.  It's gorgeous.  It's this purply pink color with the most amazing gold shimmer, love.

Zoya 3 Free Polishes Order...

- Yay I got my Zoya order!!  Okay like a week ago almost but I'm just now able to post about it.  I got Zara, Valerie, and Adina.  I've only tried Zara now which I'll post pictures of shortly.

Side note I really like Caitlin in their new Intimate line, maybe I'll get it sometime.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

I'm Getting Sunburned.

- This look was done using I'm Getting Sunburned by Wet N Wild one of their new trios.  I love their trios yay.  I also used my ELF eyeshadow primer and a Revlon mascara.

This was just my look yesterday.

Please ignore my eyebrows they are unruly.  I think I need to ask Joe for some assistance with them.

Yay New Wet N Wild.

- One shot with flash one without.  These are just a few of their new trio palettes.  Walgreens had their Wet N Wild 50% off which yay these were only 1.50 each and with that coupon I had from my last post I only paid 2.50 (without tax) for all three, how aresome is that.  I haven't tried the I'm Feeling Retro yet.  But I have tried I'm Getting Sunburned and Silent Treatment.  You can expect another post shortly with one look.

Eos Lip Balms...

I'd been looking for an Eos in Sweet Mint in one of the egg forms for quite awhile and I finally found one, at Walgreens and they were doing one of those register reward things where the Eos was 2.99 and I got back a coupon for anything for 2 dollars (which I turned around and used on some Wet N Wild that was 50% off at Walgreens last week) making the Eos for 99 cents, score.   Now I'm nearly out of the Lemon Drop as you can see which is probably one of my favorite favorite lip balms now.

And in case you're wondering my nails are the Late Night Fantasy from Naughty Nailz.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Late Night Fantasy...

Naughty Nailz's Late Night Fantasy, this is the one she sent me as a gift.   It is lovely.  Also same consistency as the Nipplebiter very smooth.  I just put this on last night so I assume it has good staying power as well.


Naughty Nailz's Nipplebiter.   Love it.  It's so pretty, and it goes on exceptionally smoothly.  And it does seem to have good staying power.

And aren't her business cards lovely, I love the like blood drippings.

And my phone sneaks in for a photo lol

Big Picture Post.

Okay, so I placed an order with Naughty Nailz back in the start of December.  The first order went missing, so she resent it.  I got it, but the blue polish, the one I'd entirely made the order for, the 12 Inch Gang Bang had somehow broken in the package and gotten over all the other bottles.  I got some of it off and I'll have to really work at it to get it off the bottles that made it through.  It's like really stuck on.  It's like the color separated from whatever else is in nail polish and I think something about that separation makes it harder to remove even with the nail polish remover.   And the little name stickers came off the bottles but luckily I knew which was which. 

I can certainly say Jenny has lovely customer service, since she resent the package.  And she's resending the blue one that broke.  Plus when she resent the package she sent me a free nail polish to make up for the one package disappearing.

The first photos I'm posting are of the pictures of the package that had the broken polish.  What was interesting was that it was still wet enough to get on my fingers too.  Sorry the last shot is blurry, just trying to show the bottles.  I'll do some swatches in the next post.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Couple Of Things...

Just two things I got myself during some of the holiday clearancing time.  The trio of Elf polishes was 2.10.  The set of Hard Candy lip glosses was 2.50 and it came with a nice mirror.

In a side note don't forget Zoya is doing a giveaway, you can pick any three polishes and get them for free with the code FB2011, just pay about 7 dollars shipping, but I mean 7 dollars is what one of those polishes normally costs so you can't go wrong.  The only hard part is picking your three polishes, trust me I know, I just had to do it.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy 2011!!!

- They weren't perfect but I kind of was doing them in a hurry to since the first mani didn't work out.  My thumbs are suppose to be fireworks.

My 0's kind of suck.  I really need to get a konad set.

I used China Glaze's Frostbitten (so in love) and Sinful's Striper in Bad Chick.

150th Post.

- This is Orly's Rage.  I was going to use this for my New Years Eve nail polish, but it just didn't seem right and I managed to mess up a thumb so I started over after I took these pics.  And you'll see what I went with in the next post.

Take A Peek...