Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Big Picture Post.

Okay, so I placed an order with Naughty Nailz back in the start of December.  The first order went missing, so she resent it.  I got it, but the blue polish, the one I'd entirely made the order for, the 12 Inch Gang Bang had somehow broken in the package and gotten over all the other bottles.  I got some of it off and I'll have to really work at it to get it off the bottles that made it through.  It's like really stuck on.  It's like the color separated from whatever else is in nail polish and I think something about that separation makes it harder to remove even with the nail polish remover.   And the little name stickers came off the bottles but luckily I knew which was which. 

I can certainly say Jenny has lovely customer service, since she resent the package.  And she's resending the blue one that broke.  Plus when she resent the package she sent me a free nail polish to make up for the one package disappearing.

The first photos I'm posting are of the pictures of the package that had the broken polish.  What was interesting was that it was still wet enough to get on my fingers too.  Sorry the last shot is blurry, just trying to show the bottles.  I'll do some swatches in the next post.

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