Thursday, August 26, 2010

More Of Joe's Handiwork On Me...

- Eyes:
Elf Eyelid Primer.
Jane Eyeshadow in Clubbin'
Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in Plum.
Wet N Wild palette in Lust.
Maybelline mascara in Falsies
(I think that's everything...)

Karma in Chery.

Wet N Wild Traincase!!

- They seem to only sell this train case at CVS, it comes with products in it.  Some mini versions of 2 lipsticks, 2 nail polishes, 2 mascaras, then 2 full size versions of 2 blushes and 2 trio eyeshadows.   But be forewarned that the blush and eyeshadows do not come in hard cases and could be crushed very easily which is a little upsetting.

I gave the blushes to mom since I don't use blush.  The last time I wore blush was when I did ballet when I was like five, but then in  way it was almost a rite of passage, getting to wear make up for the first time, I can remember the way it smelled still.

Anyway I love the eyeshadows so much.  The lipsticks aren't for me.

And in the last picture you can see the Lust palette I bought, I returned the one to Walgreens when I saw at CVS I could get the same palette for the same price but with a free mascara, score.

Clean And Clear...

- I'd been thinking about buying one of these for while, then I noticed tht in Walgreens ad this week it was 20% off and I got a free Neutrogena Moisture Shine lip gloss.  So how could I go wrong?   I paid 13 dollars and some change for both.

I think this is meant to be a morning routine (Hence "Morning Burst") but I think I'll be using it at night, I'd rather use it to wash off all the humidity of the day and crap.  I tried it last night, for those of you who are going to give it a try, do not start on your forehead, I had soap run into my eye (the same eye) twice, and it hurt so bad.  Ow.   So start on a cheek or something.  I wish it would have stayed warmer, it was warm from the water when I started but got cold quickly.  So a suggestion to the Clean and Clear people, maybe if you can make it heat up just a little so it'd be warm that'd be really nice.  You could market it as a "Warm massage for your cheeks!" or something.   But I think if it were warm that it'd be even better.

I don't feel it woke up my skin but the massage aspect was nice.  Time will tell how it works for my skin.

- As for the lip gloss I got it in Refreshing Rose, it's a really pretty shade, I worn it today and will post pictures at a later date.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wal-Mart Haul...

- I had a bunch of coupons to use and a store credit to use up so I went shopping, reviews to come later.

  • Revlon Just Bitten in Passion.
  • Secret spray in Wild Orchid
  • Loreal HiP eyeshadow duo in Sculpted
  • Almay liquid liner in black
  • Revlon eyeshadow in Violet Starlet
  • Thingamajig candy.  I couldn't find my Whatchamacallit, I hope they didn't discontinue it.

Almay Mascara Review...

...Almay Pure Blends Mascara...

- This is my lashes without any mascara on.  Not so good, I know.   I lack there.

- This is with a couple coats of the mascara, I mean you can certainly see my lashes better but I really wasn't that impressed with this mascara.   Admittedly when Almay comes to mind mascara does not come second, eye shadow probably does, I much prefer their eyeshadows but figured I'd take a chance and give their mascara a try.   I wouldn't purchase this mascara again.   I think I'll stick to some of their other products.


...Elf  Waterproof Liner In Plum...

- Here's just the liner (was the day before).

- Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in Plum.

- I'd bought the liner in both black and plum, this was the second time I've bought them the first time I'd gotten them they were both entirely dried out and dd not work, so I sent an email to Elf and they sent me replacements and my free gift (They'd also forgotten the free gift in the first shipment), and I was happy to get them.  Then I went to try them and the plum worked (I actually thought it was black before I realized it was the plum version.  Then I went to try the black and that would be the gray line next to the plum.   It's dried out again and won't work and I feel it might be pointless to re email them about it since I already did it once.  And I figured I'd just review the one that did work.   It works quite nicely.  I do love it a lot.   

So would I suggest to buy it?

   Maybe at your own risk.  It's a lovely product but it seems likely you might get a dried out one, since I got three out of the four I ended up with.  But I will probably try and get a blue one when I do order again and hope for the best/knock on wood that it won't be dried out too.
   I also tried to ELF Eyelid Primer, I'd tried Urban Decay (not that I'm knocking their primer potion it worked amazingly well too but if I'm forking out the dough I'd rather save a little money, I think we all would) in the past and very much liked it and I heard this was a good dupe for it, so I figured I'd try it, I mean at a dollar you can't go wrong.  It worked amazingly well.   I put it on before the eyeshadow below and 8 hours later it still looked perfect.  Maybe I won't worry about buying Urban Decay's 18 dollar bottle of it when I could get a few of these and have plenty of funds left for some more awesome make up, which I'd certainly prefer, I think we all would, I mean yay make up.  So that I would suggest you buy, hell I insist, go now Buy It!

...Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Set...

- Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio In Don't Steal My Thunder.
 - I'd actually watched the make up video on the site for this trio.  Mine I didn't think came out quite as lovely as theirs did but she also did have a make up artist doing it for her, and I forgot to do any black under my eye.

- This is with flash.  And you can see the lipstick.   I think the lipstick is Think Pink, I didn't really like it.  First off it's not really my color, but I can ignore that part and as for the product it went on like a crayon, that's what it made me think of a crumbly crayon kind of.  And bits of colors just seem to roll into balls around the edge of my lips after like half an hour or so.  So I vote no on the lipstick, I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't get it again.

- This is without flash and just in the light in my bathroom so you can see my eyes better.  I didn't think I've done a very good job to start with but I guess it wasn't too bad.

I did get compliments on it *Smiles*

My review on the shadow, I liked it, I really do.  I would certainly buy it again too.  I really commend Wet N Wild with their new lines of products, they're amazing.   Mucho props to you Wet N Wild.   And as a side note thank you for making me a bit nostalgic for my oh so long ago teenager years, you were certainly along for the ride.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Wet N Wild Reviews.

- No flash, but I am under a light.

  - This is "Sugar" the Natural Wear Lip Shimmer by Wet N Wild.   The first thing I noticed about it was that it feels a lot like the Burt's Bees I've had but for a slightly friendlier price tag at 1.99.  Plus I'm not always partial to Burt's Bees (Yea I'm sure I'm the only girl out there who's a little anti Burt's Bees.  I'm not sure what it is that just puts me off, maybe it's just too waxy for me) and this one I very much enjoyed and am looking forward to getting more colors.  Well done Wet N Wild!

- The second one is with a flash.

- This is Morbid by Wet N Wild, this is my first time trying their new Craze nail polishes, it didn't go 
on quite as smoothly as 
I would have liked but 
it is a pretty color.
I'm enjoying it (and am eyeing a few more colors they have.)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Walgreens Haul.

I went to three different stores, on three different days looking for Wet N Wild, I know Walmart use to sell it but they don't anymore.   The only place that does is Walgreens now.  But I was on a mission for a certain eyeshadow palette - always the way of it, go for one thing leave with like five.

So here's what I ended up getting (I tried taking pictures hurriedly and they just did not turn out so I'm using some from stores online):

- Eye shadow single in Nutty.
- Eye shadow palette in Lust (what I was searching for)
- Natural Wear Lip Shimmer in Sugar.

I also got one of their nail polishes, the Craze in Morbid, which I can't seem to find a photo of online without hijacking someone else's which I don't want to do, but it's a gorgeous green color, I will just have to wait to share it's loveliness until I get to try it out.   Yay new make up excitement.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Make up fun.

Urban Decay's Potion Primer (Also Joe's but I really must buy some)
Kat Von D's True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Ludwig (Joe's palette)
Maybelline Eye Shadow Quad in Purple Icon
Maybelline Falsies Mascara
Mark Eye Shadow palette in Rebel Rose

Flirt! Lipgloss in Purple Passion (I believe, I don't have it in front of me).

My make up is courtesy of my best friend Joe.   She had an interesting technique of using a tiny tiny paint brush to do my eyeliner.   Love her.  It turned out awesome.

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Post.

Hi, this is my first post.   I thought it would be fun to have a make up blog, specially since I spend so much time reading them lately.  Or maybe just admiring everyone else's make up talent and good looks.

I'm not sure what all to post in my first post.  Maybe just some basic things about me.
My name is Andrea, I'm 26 and living in Minneapolis.   I'm a bit of a shopaholic, right now I'm on the hunt for another train case for my make up.  I need a better way to be organized with it.   I love make up but I don't feel I'm quite as talented as some in the art of putting it on.

I'll close with a photo of me:

Take A Peek...