Friday, December 30, 2011

More Sally's And Ulta.

So no one stopped me from going back to Ulta and Sally's.  And I went to Target.  I didn't take pictures of the Target stuff, but I got a ton of little extras for upcoming packages.   And not everything above is for me, some are for swaps and such.

And I had a 15% off coupon to Sally's and I totally forgot to use it!  I was so mad at myself, but in reality it would have only saved me 1.80 but I'm like well that would have covered the lotions and the hair conditioner, oy.  I need to let it go lol

I forgot to take the eyeshadow I got at Sally's out of my purse and put it in the picture too, oops.

I'm really excited to try that lip gloss, it's kind of Beetle (think the polish) esque in the tube, but who knows how it'll translate on top my lips.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Blue Sparkly Nails...

- This is Zoya Phoebe and then Finger Paints Drummer Boy on top, it's pretty.

Just a quick post today, I have a funeral to go to now.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sally's and Ulta Haul Post.

- This is my Sally's and Ulta haul.  I used one of the Sally's coupon's, and my total was maybe 30 dollars if that.  There was more I wanted (and want) but I ran out of money, story of my life lol

I wish there'd been more of the scented Color Club's left, although there was really only one more I wanted.   I also wanted the Finger Paints set, but I may go back and see if they still have any when I have money, I can hope right?

I think I might be most proud of the Orly set with gloves, they probably aren't my favorite polishes there but I think I'm most proud of it cause it was such a good deal and I got the last one.   I paid 4 dollars for it, and I mean how much are Orly's?  Depends where you go I know but let's say they're 7 dollars, so the polish alone are 21 dollars and then maybe 9 dollars for the gloves (let's just say), so they'd be an estimated value of 30 dollars, for 4 dollars, awesome!

Also Idk if you can see them that well, you may have to click to enlarge but in the photo on the bottom left there is a tweezers and file that match, they were each like 39 cents at Sally's, so cute.

I'm wearing the matte velvet Zoya, Phoebe.  Although I'm not sure I'm loving it.  I may liven it up and put the blue glittery Finger Paints above on top tonight.

And can I also just say I've been reading a lot about mean Sally's girl's, as in mean associates working there.  I love my Sally's, the owner knows me on sight now and is always so nice to me, she got me some of the Finger Paints flakies early out of the back and she's held things for me.  If you're Sally's girls are mean girls and you're ever in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, go to the Sally's in the Midway of St. Paul (on University), and if you see Tracy tell her Hi, and that Andrea (the girl with over 800 polishes) sent you.   And don't worry, she's nice.

Monday, December 26, 2011

My Eyes On Christmas Eve.

 - These pictures were taken at the very end of the night.  Photos were taken with flash because it was too dark to get them otherwise.

It was a really subtle look which I don't do a lot, so I had to resist the urge to layer on more and have it be more noticeable or extreme.
- I used:
Elf Eyeshadow Primer
Mac Hepcat
Mac Humid
(blend blend blend)
And a white shadow from a Revlon palette I have for my highlight.
Revlon Mascara Double Twist mascara (not my favorite)
I really should have rocked some liner but I didn't.

And for a mini update on my computer situation.
Still a paperweight, we haven't got to have it fixed yet, sadly.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Fuchsia Chrome...

 - I had to take off that Celtic Sun, so I did this quickly before I had to leave earlier.  This is Sally Hansen Color Quick Pen in Fuchsia Chrome.  It's only one coat and I probably could have done with two.

I'd say it's more pink than fuchsia.  I do really love it though.

If you like the Sally Hansen Quick Pen's, they have almost all of the chrome colors at the Dollar Tree atm.   I now have all of them I think.  If I'm missing any it's the gold one.  

I also hear (but cannot attest to since I fail at stamping) that these are marvelous to stamp with.
- Any good finds at your dollar stores lately?

Celtic Sun...

 - Okay, first off, I know this is a bad polish job, I did it in very low light which was unhelpful.

I bought this polish (China Glaze Celtic Sun) from a friend because I thought I'd love it, but not so much.

I knew it'd be sheer so I did a white base (although I used Revlon Powder Puff which is a matte suede and idk what effect that had on it if any.) to try and help it be more opaque which it isn't entirely.  I still very much have VNL.

I'm probably going to change this here shortly.   I'll probably try it again but with a better white for a base maybe and see how that goes, or really I could use a really light yellow for a base and then put this on top?   That'd be worth a try surely.   Or maybe I'll pick up a different neon yellow sometime.

Darn Scrangie she tricked me into thinking it'd be so awesome again, and not so much.

But I <3 you anyway Scrangie.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Starstruck by Bubble Gum...

 - These were my nails today (the opposite hand which I didn't get a shot of was the opposite with blue nails and a pink accent.).

The pink is Revlon Bubble Gum - which I can be iffy on scented polishes, and this one smelled good.

The blue is 10 - Starstruck, which was a really gorgeous blue. 

The 10 polishes are all like a dollar at CVS right now with the clearance sale also.
- Then I was amused that the pink was really close to the color of my current Nook Color case (just ordered a new one of those actually, really needed one that snaps shut.), I think the colors were closer in person than in the picture.

Me Today.

 - So this was just me today.  Joe did my make up for me, it's been awhile since we'd done that.  

We used:
Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in Sin
Wet N Wild's palette Blue Had Me At Hello
She used a liner she adores and bought off ebay.
Maybelline Falsies mascara
I really should have thrown on some lip gloss, oops.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Julep Is Removing Bloggers Watermarks From Photos!

So I was on Facebook and I see Julep do a post which I almost always ignore cause we don't see eye to eye anymore, but I clicked: you should click too.
Now if they haven't removed this, you'll see it, but if they did well guess what I screen cap'd it just in case:

When I saw that first photo, I thought....wait a minute...that's Chloe's Nails.  But hmmm, none of these photos have watermarks and there's no kind of credit given in their blog post, but I KNEW it was Erika.  I'd know those nails just about anywhere, she's one of my favorite bloggers.   And I started talking about this post in some of the nail groups I'm in on Facebook and everyone agreed, those are Erika's nails, and one girl hunted down the original post: Back To Basics... although there seems to be a VERY BIG difference, Erika watermarks her photos.


Then another girl found where the 3rd photo came from: Talon-tastic Thursday: Sophisticated bling

Seriously?  They removed another girl's watermark. 
Who's betting they did it to the second photo as well?

I am really upset about this, like really upset.  This is the epitome of wrong.

I care deeply for all my fellow bloggers and I know how much work goes into running a blog.  And for someone to have their photos stolen like that, and not by some random person, but by a company, a company that I would think would want to be respected.   But judging from their actions I do not think they wish to be respected.  I think they don't care about bloggers, and that they'd like to lose business.

I mean seriously did they think bloggers wouldn't notice that those photos were taken and not being credited?  Do they think we're stupid?

Shakes head.

If this upsets you too, pass along the word (to friends, to fellow nail polish lovers, to Julep, to anyone who will listen) of these inexcusable actions.  Let other polish lovers know to steer clear, and let Julep know what you think of their actions.

Still Sorry.

So, I got my charger in the mail.  It worked, yay!  Then literally the next day I had a virus that wiped out my computer.  And Andrew can't fix it, so a call was placed to someone who may be able to (I hope I hope I hope), but it won't be til idk when.  I hope soon.  So I'm still scarce.  And I apologize for that.

It's been a really bad two weeks.  I also had to rush one of my cats/children into the vet right about that same time (as the above happened) because he was bleeding everywhere from his nose, it was just pouring out and I got so scared, we (vet and I) think it was probably a sinus infection gone horribly wrong (not that it can go good.).  Because while he was bleeding he was sneezing blood.  It was awful.  I'm giving him an antibiotic now.

And a whole bunch of other drama and stuff is going on, but I won't get into it, I just wanted to try and explain what's going on, why I'm not posting atm, why I'm not commenting atm.

Here are a few other photos of stuff I got on the CVS sale/clearance, it's still going on.   Anybody go and get anything?  If so what did you get?

The only thing over two dollars in the photo is the eye shadows, pretty much everything else was one something, with the exception of the Confetti polish which was 49 cents and the Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear which was 75 cents.  If you haven't gone to CVS yet, I still advise you to go before there's nothing left.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I'm Sorry - And Check Your CVS!

I'm sorry I haven't been posting.  My laptop charger died entirely and I've ordered another one but it isn't here yet, maybe in the next few days it will be.

I'm having to use Andrew's computer until and so I'm a bit scarce in all of my normal online hangouts.

If any of you have a CVS you should check their Sally Hansen polishes, they aren't marked but seem to be on sale/clearanced.  You just have to scan them at the machine to find out.  I got the above pictured polishes for 8.88 total.  The Xtreme Wear are 75 cents each!  And the Diamond Strength are 1.25.   I might head back over because after checking my stash list I notice there are two I don't have that they have although I'm not sure if they were on sale or not, one way to find out.  

Plus if you're doing that "Every 50 dollars you spend on beauty in 2011 you get 5 Extra Bucks Back" this is good way to help chip away at the 50 dollars.   I don't think I'm going to make it with that, there isn't enough 2011 left.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Back Friday!

- Wet N Wild mini fast dry set. Super cute bottles. I have most of these (except two so I'll keep those two) so most will be broken apart to be gifts. This was 2.82 (or 2.88) and then had the CVS 2 bucks back for a future purchase.

- These were 2.99 each, one of these little polishes I already have so I'm sending it off to someone else. Then I got Essence in a name I can't remember but it was gorgeous lol and Ulta's "For Bitten" these were both full price (although Essence at full price is only 99 cents lol) the Ulta is 7.50.

- Fringe Season 2 for 10 dollars. Sucker Punch for 5 dollars. And the video game was also a impulse buy (Because she looks hot lol) for 10 dollars.

 - Medium on DVD the last season, got it 40% off at Half Price so it was 11 dollars. The gloves were totally an impulse purchase but they feel so thick and nice and warm. They were 7 dollars. A DVD that we also got at Half Price for 6 dollars not pictured because we were watching it is the second season of MASH.

And I was watching ANTM haha.

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