Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dollhouse Pink...

- This is WnW newer shade called Dollhouse Pink, I'd been wanting to wear a pink just like this and here it is, I'm not normally a lipstick girl, but this just might make me one.   I want to wear it like every single day.

Haha I will make it MY color.

- The eyeshadow I'm wearing is a bit slapdash, I just threw it on, it's a VOV shadow, off ebay, they're usually pretty good although this gave me some issues applying, but I guess it doesn't look bad.   I'm also wearing Elf primer and the Loreal mascara from my Project Pan.

Which I can also say that more sample packets have bit the dust for the Project Pan, I should think of a new name for it.   And my EOS lip balm and make up remover keep getting to be less and less, I'm excited for the day I can add them to the pile of empties.

I'm also using up whatever other samples I have laying about, like I've used three laundry detergent ones, and I'm trying out the sample one I got for free from Vitacost (Sign up for them HERE and you get a free ten dollar voucher to use, plus under the Beauty suggestion they do have free samples you can add two of which to your order.) which was a pretty good sample at 4 ounces - I think that's what it was, enough for four loads of laundry, which if I'm doing laundry once a week, which is usually what I do, that's a month worth of laundry detergent for me, for free, now that's pretty freaking awesome.   And wow I went from a gorgeous lipstick to laundry talk in this post haha

Friday, March 30, 2012

Easter Nails I Guess....

- This is Sinful's Sweet Dreams with an accent of Flutter.

As you may have noticed I cut my nails off, or at least what qualifies in my world as cutting my nails off.   I broke a few and then just chopped them all down to nada.   I really liked this color combo, and my mom told me I have Easter nails atm.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

First Ever Blog Sale!


 - Teal-y Cool
- Deep Blue Sea
- Teeny Green Bikini

- 1.50 each.
 - Plum Burst
- Midnight Sky (x2)
- Twinkle, Twinkle (x2)

- 1.50 each.
 - Sally Girl baked eyeshadow in Grape Jelly (Spring Collection 2012 - limited) - 1.00

- Sally Hansen polish in Shimmering Lilac - 1.50

- Sally Hansen Champagne (x2) - 1.50
- Julep Facial for Hands Glycolic Hand Scrub - 13.00 11.00

- Orly Space Cadet - 8.00 7.00

- Revlon Scent Polish in Ocean Breeze (Worn on one hand, once only) - 2.00 1.50

- Revlon Scented Polish in Beach (Worn on one hand, once only.) - 2.00 1.50

- Wet N Wild Blush (from one of the Flora and Fauna sets) in Mellow Wine - 1.50

Wet N Wild nail polish in Teal Of No Teal - 1.00


Everything is brand new unless otherwise stated.
Shipping is 2.50 for first item, .50 cents raise every next item.
Please email to purchase or with questions -

Purple And Golds...

 - This is another look with Joe we did yesterday.   It was a lot prettier in person (not that it isn't pretty here but it had more oomph in person.).
 - We used a lot of the purples I brought I think.   I know we used my VOV purple (It's a shadow off ebay but it's really amazing.), and I think a touch of Stila Amethyst but not much.  And my Loreal Infallible shadow in Perpetual Purple.  Then she also used some of her Manly 120 palette.  Her black liner (also from ebay), oh and some Aromaleigh.   Somehow in these last two looks I've entirely forgotten mascara.

Oh and Urban Decay primer.
 It looks like it's faded in the middle but what that is is the gold, for some reason it did not photograph right.

- I really hearted it.   But I feel like purples always work well for my eyes.

Also this is another inspired look, from this post: Bows And Curtseys: Parisian New Year.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another Inspired Look With Joe.

 - Joe did my make up yesterday. 

I'm not sure what all she used, my eyes were closed, she just came at me with brushes, it was crazy.
 - I know there was Urban Decay, Kat Von D, Manly 120, and Aromaleigh.

 - This photos wants to be a rebel and be sideways.  This is Blogger's fault.
- Nothing on my lips, just wanted to get some shots before I passed out last night.

Oh and this look was loosely based on: Bows And Curtseys: Oil Slick Inspired Eyes.  Heart her.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


 - This is the polish I won from China Glaze.  It's Aquadelic from the Electropop collection (only one from the collection I have so far, I really want Gothic Lolita), I really love this color.

I also tried the Fast Dry top coat they sent me too, it has a unique smell but it worked really well.   And it seem to keep it from chipping longer.  It's great they sent it to me because it's something I might not have bought myself but now I've gotten to try it and really like it so I might start buying it too for my top coat.

- So pretty.

Thanks again China Glaze!

Saturday, March 24, 2012

First Time Depotting...

 - So I started with these (and then added two more Rimmel's and a Sally Girl shadow).   Then I started depoting these since I got my palette from TKB today, yay.
 - And all of those turned into these.

Here's a shot, with flash, of the palette closed.
 - I broke the two Rimmel's getting them out, they were really the only casualties, the pots they're in bend more easily and they must be softer shadows or something.  I was really not happy about breaking them, the blue on top wasn't as badly damaged as the turquoise.   For now I'll leave them in here since they're still useable.
 - You can see one or two others did get poke marks when my needle slipped but all in all I thought I did a good job. 

That's 16 singles shadows and two trios.

The WnW and Maybelline's definitely look the best since they're square.
- I'm proud of em, now I need a new palette, this one did end up being smaller than I thought, or maybe I used bigger shadows, they are kind of long ones.

I did write down what everything was and in what order I currently laid it so I won't forget.   Although I might change the layout around a bit and then just write up a new sheet.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Project Pan UPDATE - One Month.

- I'm just past my one month mark.   Here are my empties.  The deodorant wasn't on my original list but I finished it so I included it.

Here is my original entry with a photo of the products. CLICK.

I have another travel size shampoo I'm going to work on next and I have more samples to work on.   When I started working on the travel shampoos (why do they never give travel conditioner as samples half the time?) I started using a new Organix conditioner I wanted to try, so I might put a nice little dent in it too when I'm not clearing out samples.

I also came across a gel deodorant I had that'll expire in May so I'm working my way through that.   And for a hand lotion I'm using an EOS.

I haven't finished everything in this Project Pan, but I've got some good dents in the eye make up remover and the body wash.   And the EOS balm is just about gone, or getting close.   I was sick for a good part of this month and it's been hectic so I haven't worn a lot of make up this month so no big dent in the palette.   The eye primer is feeling emptier but I can't really tell entirely how far down it is.  Also I have been using quite a bit of the base coat I've been using.

I'm not sure how I want to proceed with my Project Pan.   And my partner has gone MIA, I hope she's okay.  I think I won't confine myself to the palette but I am going to keep working on some of the products like the base coat, make up remover, body wash, primer, mascara.   And I'm going to keep working on getting rid of whatever travel size hair stuff I have and samples.

I did not truly succeed with not buying anything, I did buy some make up, but I think I did better with not shopping, but now I need to stop, I need to stop as much as I can, truly.   Something bad has come up, which I think I will be posting about soon, I'm thinking of doing a fundraiser for it, which I'll share on here if I do, stay tuned.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

China Glaze Win.

- I won one of the giveaways from China Glaze, I was so excited to get this.  I love these aqua'y shades, and I didn't have this one yet.  And I've never tried their fast dry top coats, but I'm always all for anything that makes my polish dry faster.

Thank you China Glaze, I heart you - always.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Sonia's Package.

- I don't think I ever got this up, I'm sorry I didn't.  I fail.

This was a amazing package from Sonia, I loved all of it.   And I've rocked some of it, even though I don't always get pictures when I do.

Yay for awesome packages.  And yay for Sonia.

Bright Pink Nails...

 - This is the polish I showed you in my last post.  It's SpaRitual "Knowledge Is Power", I really didn't think it'd be as bright as it is.   Certainly a summer polish, I feel I should be on a beach, not pumping gas like I was doing in some of these photos.
 - Inside no real lights on, just sun through the windows.
 - My camera phone couldn't even handle these.  And I'd forgotten my actual camera at home (plus it's dead atm, need to charge it.).

 - And this was taken pretty much in the dark but you could still tell how bright they were.

Plus these nails fit in perfectly to the "Totally 80's" challenge in NTMS I feel haha.
- Oh and this is a totally random note I found in a cart at Walgreens, I figure it's some employee's notes.  But they were too amusing, I couldn't not take a photo.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Mail Is Always Love...

- First off, I got an Avon matte polish in Red Velvet, sorry I didn't take it out of the box, got it off ebay.  Then I had a voucher to Dermstore from referring someone so I got the Spa Ritual (my first) for free.  It's called Knowledge Is Power.   If you'd like a coupon from Dermstore for 10 dollars off a 30 dollar purchase with free shipping, leave me your email in a comment and I'll send you an invite.  I do believe it needs to be an email address you haven't used with the site tho, so keep that in mind.
- Then this is two orders from VitaCost, I used mainly voucher but paid shipping.   So just over 10 dollars is out of pocket.   The tea and Atopalm are free samples (I forgot free samples on the other order and kicked myself for it.).   I also got something not pictured because it's for a friend.   I'm really excited for the lip products and I'd been needing eye drops like mad.  Hi Allergies.
Oh and I got two cans of cat food I forgot to put in the picture.

I really do love this site.  If you want a voucher for 10 dollars on their site with no minimum order just CLICK HERE and if you aim your order right you just pay for shipping which is only 4.99.   If you click the Vitacost tag you'll see another amazing order I did on there which was 70+ worth of products for only 69 cents!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Eyeshadow Storage...

- Got a new drawer liner, I am so in love with the pattern on it.

- This was mid process of organizing my eyeshadow drawers last night, my 3rd Melmer is all put together so I'm making one pretty much all for eyeshadows.   The one shown here on the right is for palettes, the left for singles.  I couldn't finish the left because I didn't have anymore dividers, and it's my older drawer you can see the old liner I had.

- This was how I left it last night, sorry my just the camera phone shot.
- The above shot was it after I added more dividers and tried to organize it up.   Looks like I'll either need to double up or start a 3rd drawer soon.  This also isn't all my shadows, my pigments aren't here nor my big palettes.

This drawer I just put together for now, with some newer lip stuff, I have like ten thousand lip glosses in other room this is kind of a just for now situation until my shadows need to take it over, but I thought maybe I'd get to use more of my newer glosses.

And then below is the shadows I took out and put into one of the purple drawers you see in this photo (pack of four at the dollar store) because these I will be depotting, I ordered a magnetic palette from TKB, as well as some stuff to press some shadows since I've been wanting to try.   I also have three palettes in mind I figure I'll depot too, 3 Maybelline's and one Covergirl.

Nails Currently And Project Pan Update.

 - Just a couple camera phone shots (admittedly I seldom use this phone for a camera because it's not a very good one at all, but these didn't look too bad), this is Wet N Wild's Wet Cement which I'd meaning to try since I got it, and I love it.   The accent nail is Orly Star Spangled.
- Also Project Pan Update: I finished off a deodorant (even tho it wasn't on my original pan list I put it with my empties anyway) and the lotion from my list.  Yay!   Still haven't made any big dents on the palette or liner but admittedly I haven't worn a lot of make up lately.  I fail, I know.   Considering I think I only have a week left before my month mark.  Then I decide how I want to proceed.  And I also admit I haven't been perfect on my no buy, but I knew from the get go I wouldn't be.  But I do believe I have shopped less, so that's at least something.

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