Sunday, July 31, 2011

Yay Nail Polish!

- The first two pictures are some of my nail polishes, but not all, I really need the Ikea Alex drawer system.

The last picture was my mini nail polish buying spree.  It totaled about 20 dollars or so I think, I found good deals.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nail Polish Love...

-I'd bought more polishes and used some since my last photo so I took a new picture of my coffee table.  I've used all of my Crackles but I keep them out for future mani's.

And because I needed more *Wink* I bought the below at Payless Shoes, I forgot Payless sold cosmetics until I wait in the other day and saw some of it clearanced.   I figured that was a good way to try them out.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Favorite Combo.

- This was probably one of my favorite mani's.  Both shades are Rimmel.  The ring finger is Posh Pink.  The rest are Steel Gray.  Loved the combo.

And I had my hand resting on one of my purses for the photo.  Heart that purse.

Hannah Pinktana...

- This is Wet N' Wild's Fast Dry Hannah Pinktana (I kind of boo the name, I think I'll just call it Hannah).   I got this as a set with a Fast Dry top coat for free (love the little sets, check your Walgreens for them, it's a Fast Dry polish with a free Fast Dry top coat.).
I adore this color as well, the sparkle is amazing, sorry for the poor quality photo, just had my camera phone for them.
Also it seems to be long lasting, I've had it on three days and not one chip yet (Knock on wood.).


- This is Sinful's Verbena, I adore it so much!

Btw, this collection has adorable little rings on the bottles in corresponding colors with roses on the rings, love them, sorry I didn't get a picture of that.

We Can't Stop Here, This Is Nail Polish Country!

The polish was Sally Hansen's blue crackle over a Sinful polish, the name escapes me atm, it was part of my birthday look.

Take A Peek...