Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Influenster Bride To Be VoxBox!

This is my Influenster Bride To Be Vox Box!  I should have posted it sooner, I'm sorry about that.  I haven't gotten to try anything in it yet, I was kind of waiting til I got a picture taken and could post this.   So I will trying some of it very soon.  I'm most excited about the hair products, although I wish the conditioner was the bigger one in the pair.  I always run out of conditioner before shampoo anyway so that's kind of unhelpful.  And I just wore some lashes yesterday, I'm excited for more lashes, I really want to get better at putting them on and wearing them more.  Although I haven't heard the best things about these lashes with the string but I can't speak for them personally.  It'd be awesome if they worked out and were 5 times faster and easier, time will tell.
I don't know if the gum or water will do much for me, I think with how stressed I am atm I'd at least have to eat the whole package.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Empties And A Update...

- I had more than this, if you cut what you see here in half, and then add that to this you'd probably have close to what I'd had before.  I'd taken a picture of what else I had but I lost the photo and had thrown the empties out after I took the shot.  Kind of upsets me but oh well.  You get the idea, I had a lot.   And I might have even missed a few empties in the bathroom since I have an odd number of bottles without their matches.   I have some more that will probably be empty soon too.   I wanted to get this picture taken so I can throw these out now.  And I've been meaning to post more.  It's been a seriously hectic few months, my mom had surgery, was in the hospital, clearing out a 20x30 foot storage unit, fighting to move, a lot of paperwork, and issues with a awful lying landlord, etc.  But that will soon be behind me, I am approved to move and should be moving the 1st of December.  I'm probably still going to be scarce this next month with downsizing, throwing stuff out, packing stuff up, but once I'm moved and settled, I hope to get back on track with my blogging, because it is important to me.

In a side note, since I did Project Pan, I have not bought any shampoo or conditioner.  I've been using packets I've gotten, samples, travel bottles etc (that I either got as samples or friends gave me theirs randomly).   Which means this next month will be one year since I actually bought any.  And I was trying to do the math to see how much money I've saved, the shampoo and conditioner I was using equaled out to about 13 dollars every time I bought it, I'm not sure how fast I went thru it but they weren't the biggest bottles so let's say every 2 months, that equals out to almost 80 dollars in this last year.   That's kind of amazing in a way.  Yay.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Coterie Deal!

For those who haven't, sign up for Coterie:
(or if you have an account this works too, but if you don't, I'd love it if you signed up thru me) then go to My Vanity, add a Butter London polish to your cart, use this code: DEMETERVIP and it's free, takes shipping off too!
I don't know how long this code will last but it worked for me, so act fast! 

Polishes are sold out atm, but I think the code is still good for 20 dollars off something, I think, worth a try.

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