Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Pink And Purple Swirls...

- This was going to be a ziplock bag mani but it failed as that and to try and save it I tried doing a drag marble.  I think my problem with the ziplock mani was my base polish so I'll try again some other time.

- I really liked how my thumb turned out.

The polishes were:
Purple - China Glaze - Coconut Kiss
Pink - Nina Ultra Pro - Fuchsia Rage
My base color was Revlon Powder Puff.

Sorry I've been slack in my posts, just a lot going on, I do have stuff to post, just can't seem to motivate myself at all right now and I'm sorry.


Nail Designs xox said...

ooo that looks so cool!! You need to teach me how to do that

Shopping Addict said...

It's really easy Sonia. You put on big blobs/dabs of polish on the nail and you take say a tooth pick and swirl them together <3

Arleene said...

these are so cool.
would you like to follow each other?
let me know if you follow me and i will follow back :)


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