Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pretty Girl Box Unboxing | Edgy Box | September 2015...

Pretty Girl Box.
Edgy Box.
September 2015.

There was also a snack in this box but it did not live thru shipping, so just imagine there is a bag of Cracker Jacks in this photo as well.

Balancing Toner.
Pop Beauty eyeliner set.

Hair Binder set.
Soft Lips chapstick.
Essie magnetic polish.

MAC eyeshadow sample (good sized though)
Wet N Wild body glitter.
I think this was a nice box.
Looking it over I think I will use most everything in it.  I might not use the body glitter as much as say the other things but I can already think of fun uses in my head, Halloween is next month *Wink*

Also that chapstick is legit one of my all time favorites so I'm super happy to get it too.  Specially going into winter soon.

And here is the video of my unboxing! If you're not following me on YouTube you should be <3

This was sent to me for review purposes.

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