Monday, December 21, 2015

Chomps Sticks Review...

Chomps Snack Sticks

I received:

Two of the Original Flavor.

Two of the Hoppin' Jalapeno Flavor.
Two of the Crankin' Cran Chomps.

The latter doesn't sound spicy but it is with a picture of a habanero right on the packaging.

I'm not a huge fan of spicy myself, so I pulled in a friend to help me with those.  She seemed to enjoy them, commented that they were easy to push up in the tube, also that the flap you pull apart could be easier to open as well.

I must say I echo the latter two sentiments as well, I did appreciate how easy they were to slide up as oppose to having to rip apart the whole packaging so I could use it to hold it in my hand.  I am sans nails nearly entirely atm (I miss my acrylics) and I did have some problems pulling the flaps apart, had to use a tweezers to help me actually.

I did really really enjoy the original flavor, I wish they had more flavors that didn't incorporate spice, little teriyaki anyone?  Or maybe something incorporating cheese?  Just some thoughts.

I will also say I recently started wearing a Fitbit and you can scan in bar codes to help keep track of what you eat calorie wise and what not and the original flavor did work, which maybe that really doesn't mean anything but I am always happy when that happens and being I had never heard of Chomps before I was pleasantly surprised it did pop up as knowing it.  

These were sent to me for review purposes.

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