Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Pink Lady Wore A Pearl Necklace...

NYC Brow Pencil in Sable.

Jesse's Girl eyeshadow primer.
Fusion Of Color shadows Melon and Chablis.
Elf liquid liner in Coffee.
Covergirl liner (lower).
Covergirl The Super Sizer mascara.

Fusion Of Color Highlighter in Pearl Necklace.

Fusion Of Color Matte Lipstick in Pink Lady.
I was sent the Fusion Of Color products for review purposes.   I received seven products, I'm using four of them here, there will be another look color with the others.   I posted a photo of what I received on Instagram, (and if you're not following me you should be <3), you can see it HERE.

Anyway, my thoughts on the products I tried tonight, I think the shade Melon is absolutely gorgeous, like if you're going to buy one of the things I used in this look, buy that, I think it's so lovely.   It looks ten times better in person too - as they always do.

The highlighter shade Pearl Necklace is quite pretty as well, it's probably my second favorite thing I've used tonight.

The lipstick is a pretty shade, though I will say it's a little dry to apply, but it doesn't feel drying.

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