Saturday, April 16, 2016

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor Review...

Beets Blu Heart Rate Monitor
39.95 (currently).

I received this item for review in exchange for my honest thoughts.

First here is what Amazon says about it.

  • Heart rate sensor with belt around chest delivers the most accurate heart rate readout thanks to ECG-based technology
  • Smoothly sync with iOS phones (iPhone 5, 4S) and selected Android devices* No dongle required
  • System consumes low energy therefore a small firmware battery is enough for more than a year
  • Our cheap recorder works with all popular apps like Endomondo, Runkeeper, Map My Run, etc
  • Wearable tracker approaches to running, fitness, crossfit, spinning, workout, exercise and other athletic sport

I would also like to note that Beets Blu does sell replacements straps as well as strap extenders, I am a plus size woman and I didn't have any issue with this fitting me.
This is a bluetooth device, it worked fine with my phone, no issues at all.  I have a LG G3 just in case anyone was wondering.

I would have had this review up sooner but I took a bad bad fall this month and really injured myself and had to take a little time off from working out.
I have a Fitbit Charge HR that I used in conjunction with this, and it also monitors my heart rate, now I think everyone knows that a chest strap is more reliable when it comes to an accurate reading.   So I was very curious to see how they would differ.  Sometimes they were right on at about the exact same reading and other times there would be a drastic drastic difference.   Like 30 beats different.   I hadn't thought it would be quite that different.   

Sometimes with the heart rates being so different I did wonder if the sweat between me and the device was affecting it in a negative way.  But maybe it's entirely normal - that much of a difference, this is my first chest strap monitor.

Next I have some screen caps from my phone in the app showing what it looks like and my heart rate at the time.   I like that there is a pause button, always nice when you need to stop for a second.  

I did find it interesting that the only device you could send the info to was Pebble.  It would be nice if they added in some other Fitness Trackers since not all have a heart rate feature, or for those people using older models currently.

Just another similar shot from a different workout.

I do wish there was maybe a few more features you could fill out for your profile.

Also you're suppose to be able to set it so your screen doesn't turn off while you're using it, that did fail to work a few times for me.

And showing how it logs the workouts here.

All in all I do enjoy using this.   I found it to be beneficial.   It wasn't ever uncomfortable to wear, or a hindrance.   I think it's a good thing to have for helping you stay on top of your workouts.

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