Saturday, June 16, 2012

Women Of Rock Challenge!

Taken From Google Image Search.
- Okay so this week's challenge was Women Of Rock, and the women I picked aren't necessarily "Rock" but they're what I ended up choosing.  The first being Adele.  It wasn't perfect but I did like how it and the photos turned out <3
 - I know for this look the shadows are all from the Shady Lady palettes by TheBalm.  The lipstick was Revlon Baby Pink.  Liner is Physicians Formula and a Loreal HIP one.  And I'm wearing Maybelline Falsies.
 - What do you mean it's a faux pas to wear your hair as a scarf?

Taken From Google Image Search.
 - The next woman I choose since I couldn't choose just one lol was Gwen.   It also wasn't perfect, my lip color was just a bit off.
 - I'm using a WnW matte black as well as Madd Style Cosmetix shadow in Dr. Franken Furter.  And NB Mineral Shadow in Seductive.  I also used Physician's Formula liner and the Loreal HIP one.  Maybelline Falsies mascara again.  Lipstick is WnW Cherry Bomb.

I feel I'm also paying homage to MissChievous here without meaning to at the time or realizing it.  But she's amazing too.


Jessi M (Lacquered, Painted, Polished) said...

You beautiful lady! I thought I was going to like the Adele look the best but then you hit me with the smoldering Gwen Stefani look. Great job!

Niki said...


Shopping Addict said...

Jessi - Thank you soo much! And fancy meeting you here lol

Niki, thank you! I liked it too <3

Shaimaa said...

Love Gwen Stefani is gorgeous

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you Shimaa <3

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