Saturday, April 12, 2014

I'll Raise A Glass Of Champagne To Ojo De Gato...

Essence Brow pencil.

Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer.
Darling Girl base in Fluff.
Elizabeth Mott shadow in Champagne, and My Pretty Zombie shadow in Ojo De Gato.
Elf liner.
Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara.

Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in Shameless.
 I started with a red lip color but decided I wanted the purple then, I haven't done a purple like this for awhile I feel.
All the proceeds for Ojo De Gato go to a Blind Cat Rescue so you should buy immediately, if not sooner.


Budget Splurge Beauty said...

I really like that lipstick!

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you, it's one of my favorites but I don't wear it enough.

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