Monday, September 29, 2014

That Mighty Maiden Fled At Dusk To Transylvania...

I felt like it was a little patchy.  Though I am trying a new primer under it, so I should try it without to ensure that's not the issue.
Wet N Wild pencil.

Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer.
Darling Girl base in Fluff.
Glamour Doll Eyes shadows in Mighty Maiden, Dirty Jeans, Dusk and a highlight of Sterling Glitz.
Essence liner.
Urban Decay liner in Black Velvet (lower).
Pur Big Look mascara.

NYX lip primer in Nude.
NYX Soft Matte lip cream in Transylvania.
Keep scrolling for pics with Milo (again) and up close shot of the new necklace too.

Purrr usual (yes I'll make that pun every time) I had help again tonight.

Just got this, in a hospital gift shop, it was 75% off and was 5 bucks.  It's pretty long actually, I have it pulled up in most the shots.
And I don't think I've posted pictures with these sunglasses on my blog yet - I know I did on my Instagram when I got them.  I adore them.  

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