Sunday, December 14, 2014

Darkness Falls On Me And I'm In A Haze...

This liner has glitter in it but it comes out randomly and sparingly.  I don't like that.

Wet N Wild pencil.


Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer.
Darling Girl base in Fluff.
MBA Cosmetics shadows in Shooting Star, Haze, Darkness Falls.
Elizabeth Mott liner in Glitterati.
Eddie Funkhouser Quattro Variable Lash Mascara.


MBA Cosmetics lipstick in Exotic Orchid.

This shirt is from Torrid, and I am entirely in love with it.  I wish I'd bought like three, everything is perfect about it.

Earrings are actually clip on hoops, I have issues with piercings so I was kind of excited to find clip on hoops.  They're from Claire's.

Fun face random photo.

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