Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Scentbird Subscription Service...

Today I want to tell you about a new subscription service I was able to try, it's a monthly perfume one.  I love perfume so this is entirely up my alley.

In your first one you receive the Luxury Case the perfume goes in and the little velvet bag that slides in.  Every month after that you will just get the perfume that you can then put into that case, and you don't have to be finished with the first one to switch, you can switch them around at anytime.  Which is nice if you start getting a little collection going.  Which I'm sure I would haha, I already have a wishlist.  Which is another nice thing, most subs you don't get to pick what you get, this one you do, you can do a wishlist of perfumes you want to try and then get one of those each month.   Therefore this is a nice service to also try it before you commit to a bigger bottle of perfume which can be quite expensive for some.

 In each perfume you get a month is suppose to be 30 days supply of each perfume so you'll know how it reacts with your own personally body chemistry and how it smells on you.  As oppose to a piece of paper say in a magazine, or even a few tries in a sample vial.  This is a far superior choice.
You just twist the case to bring the sprayer out of the top of the bottle, super easy.  But not so easy that it'll happen randomly in your purse, which none of us want lol
When it is twisted you can simply pull the vial out, which has a label of what scent it is on it so if you are alternating between some you always know which is which.

If this is sounding appealing for you, it is 14.95, free shipping, a month usually, though it looks like it might be on sale atm for 12.99 (shows at the top of the page).  Perfect stocking stuffer gift.   They also are doing free luxury candles if you subscribe for 6 months or 12 months.

Also if you do need to ever cancel it looks exceptionally easy to do so.  But why would you want to stop getting perfume?  Silly talk.

Click HERE to sign up!

Also  SCENT25 will get you 25% off right now!

This is the one I got to try.   I really like it, and this is my first time ever trying a Givenchy perfume <3

This was provided for me for review purposes.


Marina Ljubisavljevic said...

Love the entry! Is Ange ou Demon your favorite perfume? I personally could never settle with one perfume, I have to have at least 4 of them, always ready for action!
Great review, keep em coming!

Shopping Addict said...

Idk if I'd say it's my favorite perfume ever, but I do very much like it. Idk if I could ever have a favorite either. I have so many I love <3

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