Monday, July 27, 2015

Pet Gift Box Unboxing July 2015...

This is what we (me and the cats) received in our July Pet Gift Box for July 2015.

This was sent to us for review.  At the bottom of the post there will be an unboxing video to watch, so be sure to check it out!
It's Purely Natural Beef Lung pet treats (if you watch(ed) the video you know they LOVED these.  They're 3.99.

Scratch and Roll Toy is 7.99.

Fluttery Butterfly Wand is 3.99.

Patriotic Pet Magnet is 5.99.

Loofa Catnip Toy is 5.99.
The Meow-Meow Pet Army Throw is 14.99.

The total value of the box is 42.94.

The box itself costs 27.99 per month and that does include shipping.  There are better deals if you want to sign up for more than month to month.  But month to month is a good way to start and try it out!

Sign up HERE!

All in all we really loved this box and if you have cats or dogs in your life you should totally think about signing up - they do both cats and dog boxes.   Milo and Leo very much thank Pet Gift Box <3

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