Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Square Hue - The Decades Collection - 1960s...

I was sent this nail polish subscription to review, and upon opening the box I utterly fell in love.

I believe this would be 14.99 a month which I feel for three polishes, and polishes this beautiful is an amazing deal.

If you're interested in signing up or finding out more information, you can do so HERE.  Check them out for sure they're far out.

They're doing The Decades Collection (1970s ship out the first I believe) and I got the 60s, which who doesn't love the 60s and I think these colors are really perfect for it.

I love the bottles, I don't think I have a bottle quite like this.

I also love the card they include with it that has the section for swatching the polishes, which as yo can see I did and those are one swatch and look at how gorgeous they are.

Trying to show the colors better, but nothing can truly show how absolutely amazing that neon yellow really is.
Tune In 1966 Neon Matte.
Though I clearly have a top coat on.

It's real groovy.
This is blurry which I'm sorry for but I do think in lower light that this shows that color better.
Drop Out 1966.
DuoChrome - High Gloss.

I'm sorry these photos are not the best, I thought I'd get better ones later but then my mother went into the hospital and I just never got better photos, I was utterly tied up with calling doctors and lawyers, it was a really really awful week.

If that hadn't happened, A. I would have better photos and B. I would have had this post and the video up sooner <3
The DuoChrome in this is absolutely gorgeous, I adore it, totally another polish right up my alley, all three were really.  That blue sparkle is to die for.

I did not use the neon yellow yet, saving the best for last, and when I do I will put a photo up on Instagram <3 so be sure to follow me there, the photo below is the one I put on IG today of Tune In, so lovely.

And to watch the unboxing video <3

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