Sunday, January 13, 2013

Elf's Lustrous Eyeshadows And Maybelline's Brazen Berry Lipstick...

 - I recently made an order from Elf, it'd been awhile since I had, but I was dying to try some of their new Long Lasting Lustrous eyeshadows, I got Soiree and Festivity and I fell in love with them, that's what I'm wearing here, in these photos they kind of blended together, they look more in depth and lovely in person and they are so packed with shimmer it's amazing.   I also am wearing Elf's eyeliner pen in Teal which I'm loving also and have been using a lot.  Mascara is probably Urban Decay's Big Fatty but don't quote me on that one lol

My lips are a new Maybelline lipstick in Brazen Berry which I'm so glad I bought.

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