Tuesday, October 29, 2013


 I did this last summer I think it was, and I just realized I never posted it, it must have been during my blogging break.  So I'm very sketchy on what we used at all.

Joe did my eye makeup here, clearly I'm Cleopatra.   And like I said, I did this during the summer, wasn't for Halloween, I actually went grocery shopping and to the post office after we got done haha

I really didn't get a second look anywhere I went, I didn't with the The Black Dahlia we did either.  People at this point must be just like "There goes that odd girl who is always covered in makeup, don't mind her."

I want to say the eyeshadows are a mixture of some of MAC's blue shades but that's probably the most I can tell you.   Beyond that for fun it's entirely one of my favorites we've done.

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