Monday, October 7, 2013

I Need Seven Small Men Who Work In A Diamond Mine...

NYC brow pencil.

Wet N Wild eyeshadow primer.
Tick Tock's Milky Way base.
Notoriously Morbid shadows in Fair Maiden, Morgana, Snow's Fury, and Snow Queen's Return for a highlight.
Elf liner.
Elizabeth Mott mascara.

Abbamart Get Your Crayon in Bad Girl.

 This is suppose to be a look inspired by Snow's Fury which is for Snow White, so this is my Snow White esque look.

I'm wearing a one shoulder studded top and a studded headband which you can kind of see in some of my shots, but it's hard to get that in the shot since I don't normally have the very top of my head in my photos.

Sadly I didn't have a apple for these photos - I swear I have a apple necklace somewhere but who knows where, so my cute little skull one it is.

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