Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lip Monthly - August 2014.

This month's Lip Monthly came in a bag.  Sort of like Ipsy.  At least that's what I immediately thought of when I saw it.  I did like the bag though, it's usable. 

If you'd like to sign up for Lip Monthly, you can HERE and the code SUMMERLIPS I believe now makes the bag 6.99.  You get four lip products and one other product, usually something beauty related.
This month I received:

I've linked to posts where I've used the first three (I know I've used the Ultra Pink too but I can't find the post, I remember it was more peachy than pink) two products listed.

The picture below is to show on the Magic Balm there was something black, on the actual lip product, not the packaging.  That was a little unsettling to me.

My favorite product has to be the Matte lipstick, I really really adore the color.  I'd love to try more of those.   This month's theme was City Color Cosmetics, which while I really loved the matte lipstick, Idk if I loved the theme of the brand.  I wish there'd been more variety, maybe a theme not based on a brand but based on more of a topic.

I will also note I have had a few customer service issues around a referral so if you go thru my link above please leave me a comment letting me know, that'd be much appreciated <3


Anonymous said...

My lip balm had black debris all in the cap and smudges all over the lip product itself. I wonder if it was something in the factory?

Shopping Addict said...

Beejuboxes.com I think it could be, because it was still sealed so I figure it had to come from City Colors that way.

Alex said...

I caved in and just subscribed through your link!

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you for telling me Alex. I haven't gotten an email for it yet. Did you use the same email I have for you to sign up (just in case the email never shows up).

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