Thursday, January 1, 2015

Tom's Box - December 2014...

Today I bring you a second installment of the Tom Box (SwaagBox).  You can see my first one HERE.

You can get your first box for 5 dollars!  Which is pretty awesome.  If you're interested in signing up for jewelry, makeup, and pads/tampons (your choice).  Sign up HERE, also for just a bit more, I think 6 dollars you can double the makeup and jewelry.  And I don't remember the amount but for a bit more you could also get a razor and replacement blades I believe.

The earrings I do like (though I'm not pierced atm, but I've been meaning to redo them), all the makeup I got I don't own which is always a plus haha, not always easy when you own as much as I do.  The Color Whisper is in Red About Town.  The Prestige liquid liner is in Black/Brown - and from swatching it on my hand (sorry no photos) it's matte and a really gorgeous brown black, like normally when I see that color I think meh, but I kind of really love it.  The Prestige pencil liner is in Poly, it's utterly gorgeous, kind of a purple with a bit of red to it, kind of want to wear it on my lips instead.  Then there's candy and who doesn't love candy.

I'm really pretty pleased with it.  Specially if you get it for five bucks, there's just no way to go wrong as far as I see.  I was also pleased with my first one.

Again if you're interested in signing up, click HERE.

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