Saturday, November 8, 2014

TOM Box - November 2014 - Get Your First Box For 5 Dollars!

This is TOM Box, a new subscription service.  TOM seems to stand for Time Of Month, which is actually really genius I think.

You can get your first box for 5 dollars, no coupon code needed, just click HERE.  You can choose between pads and tampons and the type of them you'd like, I happen to go with Overnight ones.

 With your sub you get makeup and jewelry, I've seen variations of all sorts you can get.   I happen to get a few NYC products and a Maybelline Color Tattoo.  I also got a bangle, which actually fits me and that's rare, but it's kind of adjustable, at least while putting it on or taking it off.

Then the candy is an extra.

I figure even if I don't stay with this sub every month (cause Idk if I need a box of pads (or tampons) every month), but I could always come back.  But for five dollars for your first box, run do not walk.  It's totally worth it and an amazing deal.
Here's a better shot of the bangle on my wrist, it's cute.  And I love bangles.

Also they have a nice referral system, if three people sign up via your link (so I'd love if you used my link above) you get a free box, even if you're not currently an active subscriber, which is even better.  That's awesome.

ALSO, you can double your makeup and jewelry for 6 more dollars (I think you can add on razors too) and I see on my card that came with this (didn't see til after I took the photos) what would have come with the extra six dollars - looks like another charm bangle, more NYC stuff and a Maybelline lipstick.  I wish I would have now.  I might on a future box.

I'm very happy with what I got, specially for five bucks.

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