Thursday, December 9, 2010


- Eos lip balms, I adore the lemon drop.  I'd also gotten it on Summer Fruit, but I do not like the smell of it so I'm putting it in someone's Christmas package.  But this picture shows how much I have so far loved my lemon drop.

I keep the lemon drop on my coffee table and use it multiple times nightly.

What I'd really like is one in Sweet Mint.  And the medicated tangerine kind of sounds nice too.  They had some holiday limited edition I saw at Walgreens before that also sounded good, I think it was pomegranate something or other - I see on their site they have a pomegranate raspberry in a stick, maybe that was in but it was in the sphere.

Also Ice Breakers Orangeade mints, they're awesome and amazing, you should all try them.

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