Friday, December 3, 2010

Squeaky Sunday.

  - Squeaky (His real name is Leonidas or just Leo but he got nicknamed Squeaky since his voice is so Squeaky.) got to be first in picking a nail polish for me, but Milo was off in the other room doing whatever and when I asked Squeak if he wanted to do it he said yes.

Then as you can see in the second picture he highly regretted it and was pissed off.

Side note see my adorable purse in the background (some if the stripes in the plaid are pink which you can't really see there). It was a late birthday gift from my good friend Jess.

Then we just have another picture of Squeak sitting on his scratching thing he loves.
 - This is the polish he picked.  NYC's Purple Pizzzazz.  I love the color.  For some reason this did not go on as smoothly as one would hope, it almost seem to go on goopy and runny at the same time.  And it's like on the nail you could see it wanted to be a good polish and be smooth but then it would have bubbles and odd bubbles in some places.

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