Monday, December 27, 2010

Teal Or No Teal.

 - This is Teal Or No Teal by Wet N Wild.  I do like this one.  I did it last night, I was thinking of changing it up later with maybe some black as well.

Please ignore that the last two photos are sideways.

Pretty color.

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Anonymous said...

Your nails would look SO MUCH BETTER if you would cut them all to a shorter length, like your middle and pointer. REALLLY long nais (with ugly yellow tips like yours) look pretty skanky, ESPECIALLY with wild nail colors.

Also, invest in some qtips and CLEAN THOSE THINGS UP!!! there is no reason to have all that mess!

The color is good... I'm more into cremes right now, looks much more modern, but I''m always a sucker for a teal.

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