Monday, February 25, 2013

Kingslayer's Glass Cannon...

 Sorry these weren't the best shots, I took them super fast on our way out the door tonight.
Me and my friend and one of her friends went out to the Gay 90s here in Minneapolis to see the drag show (love it so much <3).

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown.

Wet N Wild eyeshadow primer.
Maybelline Color Tattoo for a base in Electric Blue.
Eyeshadows are Geek Chic Glass Cannon, Black Rose Minerals It's Electric, Geek Chic Shammy, and Geek Chic Kingslayer for the highlight.
Elf eyeliner.

MUA Extreme Curl mascara in Black Brown.

Manic Panic's Mystic Heather.

 Now if the bags under my eyes would just disappear, I'd be a happy girl *Wink*.

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Ps said...

loved your tatoo *woopss wrong focus.
Dark circle around the eyes?then I guess you need a Concealer hon..
Tell me if you want to follow each other. :-)

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