Saturday, February 23, 2013

Outbreak Of The Epic Undead Zombie Princess...

 I have quite a bit to mention in this post, or more than usual anyway.

You may also notice I'm being photobombed by one of my cats Leo in the first shot.

First, I dyed my hair, I got Revlon's Luxurious Colorsilk Buttercream dye in Burgundy from Klout to try.  I really liked it.  I was intending to go back to something close to my real color (which is really dark brown, almost black) at some point soon, but now I'm kind of torn because I also really love this shade.  Well time will tell.  Any thoughts?  Maybe you can suggest a color you'd think look good on me.
 Now as for the makeup.


Wet N Wild's eyeshadow primer I'm pretty sure if the one I used here.
Tick Tock's Outbreak Of Epic Proportions, Undead Princess, and Zombie Guts. 
Eye Liner is Elf. 
Mascara is Avon Super Extend in Black Amethyst. 

Lipstick is Milani Sangria.

The red is Sally Hansen's Cherry Red - like the perfect red.
The gray is Sally Hansen's Wet Cement.
I tried doing little hearts on the gray with the red for Valentine's Day, it wasn't perfect but I thought they were super cute. 

Up close shot of the eye makeup, and a wayward hair.

And below is maybe a better picture of the nails I took while I was reading on my Nook - I did get a new case for it off ebay, yay for purple. 

Also this is my 400th post on my blog which is kind of epic, I want to do a special post for it but I haven't gotten to yet, so hopefully sometime in the very near future I will knock that out.


Autumn said...

Love your eye makeup!

Anna said...

Loving the eye make up! So subtle and classy :)

Shopping Addict said...

Thank you both so much <3

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