Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Temptation At Studio 54...

Revlon Color Stay brow.

Concrete Minerals eyeshadow primer.
Darling Girl base in Fluff.
Main eye lid color is Medusa's Makeup eye dust in Studio 54.
Crease colors are a mixture of Shiro's War Of Five Armies and Full Of Craft.
Elf liner.
Essence I <3 Rock lower liner.
Maybelline Cat Eyes mascara.

Medusa's Makeup lip gloss in Temptation with the Studio 54 eye dust patted over the middle lower lip then blended together.

 This is my first time trying Medusa's Makeup (the eye dust was given to me for review, I simply paid shipping, the gloss was a bonus I wasn't expecting. <3).   Upon trying the eye dust I must say that I do really love the color.  I think it's better to pat the shade on then try and drag it.  Something odd I did notice about the eye dust was when I'd go to tap my brush off on the lid to knock any excess back into the lid it wouldn't go in the lid it literally was bouncing out.  And once when I went to pick some up with my brush, it literally moved away.  I think it was all due to static electricity, but it was kind of interesting.  I think it's also in part due to the shadow maybe being lighter in weight then say another shadow.  At least that's what I'm going with for why that would happen.  Light weight shadow and static electricity.
I want to try the eye dust with a more sticky base too, that could help it more as well, Medusa does sell a "Stick It" primer which I haven't tried but something stickier would probably be more beneficial for it.

Also another high point is ALL of their eye dusts (48 shades) are lip safe, so that's kind of awesome.  I like having options.

The gloss was nice.  Pretty shade.  Though it didn't seem to show up in my shots very well, but on my lips it does kind of sheer into being close to my own lip color.
 All in all I'd love to try more of Medusa's products.  Specifically their also have pressed shadows, lipsticks, primer, other eye dust shades, and they have a liner sealer, that intrigues me deeply.

I also got a sticker with my order.  Which made me probably happier then it should have.  I love stickers.  Specially makeup company stickers.  It immediately went on to my melmers.  Plus my order was wrapped and the wrapping was help with a little sticker that had knives on it - I managed to peel it off without ripping it.  It also went on to my melmers.  Yay for stickers.

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