Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Exfolimate Face And Body Exfoliation...

Face And Body Exfoliation

2 Piece Exfoliator Tool Set.

This comes with two of the tools.  One is for face (the smaller one), and the larger one is for body.

They do have long cords that loop thru the hole on the bottom tip, and that way you can hang them in your bathroom and/or in the shower.  That's where mine have been living hanging in the bathroom.

I think they're a little tricky to learn to use at first, kind of have to get it at the right angle, and be careful not to be too hard with it, since it could hurt if you weren't careful.  Wouldn't like draw blood (even though they look like they could lol) but just like sore.

Also there are how to videos on the website, which I linked at the top of the post, that's helpful too.

In the winter I am all for more things that can exfoliate, I get such dry dry skin.  So I'm glad to have these to use, specially on my legs.  Thumbs up. 

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