Sunday, August 2, 2015

Borghese Foundation, Lipsticks, And Blush, Oh My...

I'm bringing more lovely things from Borghese.


Perfetta Radiante Perfecting Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 201 ounce.49.00 dollars.

In shades Naturale and Caffe.

Eclissare ColorStruck Lipstick.
0.13 ounces.
25.00 dollars.

In shades Swoon and Edge.

Eclissare ColorRise Blush
1.00 ounce.

30.00 dollars.

In shade Stunner.

This is the lipstick Edge, I am utterly utterly in love with this shade.

It is just so gorgeous.

While making this post I've been looking at the other lipsticks they have, dying to try Beyond now.  Also Farside, Dare, and Release.
This is lipstick Swoon, it's so much prettier in person but I found it a bit difficult to get that beauty to transfer to a photo.

The only negative I have to say about Swoon is that the glitter got everywhere when I tried to take it off.
And Swoon from a different angle.

I have worn the blush in another post, so you can see it here (as well as some beautiful Borghese eyeshadows) CLICK.

The foundation in Naturale seem to be a fairly good match for me, the Caffe is clearly too dark, but I did contemplate trying to use it as a sort of bronzer.  If/when I do you will be the first to know!

These products were sent to me by the company.

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