Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Purr Packs Unboxing And Review...

We were sent a Purr Pack for review.

And I'm not going to beat around the bush, this is utterly our favorite box we have gotten, hands down.

First off it had a Nanie in it (the yellow banana) and a big scratchy thing, so they have already made Milo (with the Nanie) and Leo (with the scratching thing) very very happy.

I think they will love everything else too, they have been playing with the orange mouse too.  I haven't given them everything yet lol but I'll be doling out the rest as time goes on.
As you can see Milo really wanted his Nanie.  I had to remove him from the photo to get the above shot.

We got so many lovely great things.

It is 24.99 a month for the type of box we got, but there are other kinds.

If you want to sign up for it, and I totally would suggest going for it, go HERE.
And here are some photos of Milo with his Nanie.
He loves his Nanie.

You can watch the unboxing here, this is the most interactive they've been in an unboxing, so you should totally watch the video, and feel free to share it, we appreciate it.

Thank you Purr Packs for sending this box to us, we love it <3

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Danielle said...

Lovely review! And you kitty is so cute omg <33

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