Monday, August 24, 2015

KitNipBox Unboxing Video And Review...

Below there will be an unboxing of the KitNipBox, a monthly cat subscription service, it costs 19 dollars per month.   I received a 20% off discount to buy this for review, so I did pay for this myself.

To save 15% yourself if you'd like to get this great box too!  You can sign up HERE.

We'd gotten a few of the items before (but they did enjoy them) so we passed a few on to one of our furry friends.   They specially like the door knob toy and the kitty in the Hawaiian shorts toy.  And I love love love the sticker lol but I'm a sucker for sticker!

Watch the unboxing here with Milo and Leo <3

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funnynotfunnyyes said...

I purchased my first KitNipBox in August. They included a mylar streamer wand toy, made by Ethical Products. My beautiful, healthy 8 1/2 year old cat some how got a hold of the toy and ate the streamers off. He died shortly after having surgery to remove them. KitNipBox'es contain unsafe toys. They still partner with Ethical Pet Products, who have not just one, but many unsafe cat toys. Just look around on Amazon, and you can see how Ethical Products toys have killed cats, and many other have had to have surgery.

Please, do not use mylar toys. These are slowly going off the market, because of the huge danger they pose for cats. It's basically thick tinsel. Ethical Products, and KitNipBox still think it's fine to use mylar toys. My best friend is dead because of it. My sweet Latte died alone, and scared in a cage. He deserved so much better than that.

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