Tuesday, August 24, 2010


...Elf  Waterproof Liner In Plum...

- Here's just the liner (was the day before).

- Elf waterproof eyeliner pen in Plum.

- I'd bought the liner in both black and plum, this was the second time I've bought them the first time I'd gotten them they were both entirely dried out and dd not work, so I sent an email to Elf and they sent me replacements and my free gift (They'd also forgotten the free gift in the first shipment), and I was happy to get them.  Then I went to try them and the plum worked (I actually thought it was black before I realized it was the plum version.  Then I went to try the black and that would be the gray line next to the plum.   It's dried out again and won't work and I feel it might be pointless to re email them about it since I already did it once.  And I figured I'd just review the one that did work.   It works quite nicely.  I do love it a lot.   

So would I suggest to buy it?

   Maybe at your own risk.  It's a lovely product but it seems likely you might get a dried out one, since I got three out of the four I ended up with.  But I will probably try and get a blue one when I do order again and hope for the best/knock on wood that it won't be dried out too.
   I also tried to ELF Eyelid Primer, I'd tried Urban Decay (not that I'm knocking their primer potion it worked amazingly well too but if I'm forking out the dough I'd rather save a little money, I think we all would) in the past and very much liked it and I heard this was a good dupe for it, so I figured I'd try it, I mean at a dollar you can't go wrong.  It worked amazingly well.   I put it on before the eyeshadow below and 8 hours later it still looked perfect.  Maybe I won't worry about buying Urban Decay's 18 dollar bottle of it when I could get a few of these and have plenty of funds left for some more awesome make up, which I'd certainly prefer, I think we all would, I mean yay make up.  So that I would suggest you buy, hell I insist, go now Buy It!

...Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Set...

- Wet N Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio In Don't Steal My Thunder.
 - I'd actually watched the make up video on the site for this trio.  Mine I didn't think came out quite as lovely as theirs did but she also did have a make up artist doing it for her, and I forgot to do any black under my eye.

- This is with flash.  And you can see the lipstick.   I think the lipstick is Think Pink, I didn't really like it.  First off it's not really my color, but I can ignore that part and as for the product it went on like a crayon, that's what it made me think of a crumbly crayon kind of.  And bits of colors just seem to roll into balls around the edge of my lips after like half an hour or so.  So I vote no on the lipstick, I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't get it again.

- This is without flash and just in the light in my bathroom so you can see my eyes better.  I didn't think I've done a very good job to start with but I guess it wasn't too bad.

I did get compliments on it *Smiles*

My review on the shadow, I liked it, I really do.  I would certainly buy it again too.  I really commend Wet N Wild with their new lines of products, they're amazing.   Mucho props to you Wet N Wild.   And as a side note thank you for making me a bit nostalgic for my oh so long ago teenager years, you were certainly along for the ride.


Lillian said...

I'm definitely going to have to get that eyeshadow primer.

Shopping Addict said...

It works really nicely, specially for a dollar I mean hello how can you go wrong lol

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