Thursday, August 26, 2010

Clean And Clear...

- I'd been thinking about buying one of these for while, then I noticed tht in Walgreens ad this week it was 20% off and I got a free Neutrogena Moisture Shine lip gloss.  So how could I go wrong?   I paid 13 dollars and some change for both.

I think this is meant to be a morning routine (Hence "Morning Burst") but I think I'll be using it at night, I'd rather use it to wash off all the humidity of the day and crap.  I tried it last night, for those of you who are going to give it a try, do not start on your forehead, I had soap run into my eye (the same eye) twice, and it hurt so bad.  Ow.   So start on a cheek or something.  I wish it would have stayed warmer, it was warm from the water when I started but got cold quickly.  So a suggestion to the Clean and Clear people, maybe if you can make it heat up just a little so it'd be warm that'd be really nice.  You could market it as a "Warm massage for your cheeks!" or something.   But I think if it were warm that it'd be even better.

I don't feel it woke up my skin but the massage aspect was nice.  Time will tell how it works for my skin.

- As for the lip gloss I got it in Refreshing Rose, it's a really pretty shade, I worn it today and will post pictures at a later date.

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