Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Franken!

- Okay, I used equal parts Wild Frost and Hallucinate, both by Wet n Wild.  For a empty bottle, I dumped out a top coat I'd gotten in a Maybelline two pack at the dollar store which was yellowed.  I dumped it into a empty bottle I'd gotten at a store here called Ax Man (I got a few bottles for like 15 cents each) since I figured I could use it in other frankens. 

I really liked the way this looked in the bottle when I did it, but I probably should have never done equal parts of the polishes, I shouldn't have put so much Hallucinate in since they were both kind of a sheer color.   It looked a lot darker in the bottle than on my nails which made me sad.  I didn't hate this by any means I just didn't like how sheer it went on since then I had to layer on the coats. 

Side note: I worn this to the Carnival Of Madness tour at the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday!

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