Saturday, August 20, 2011

New Drawer System!

- I got this at Michael's it was mispriced and on sale so I got it for 18 dollars and it holds all my polish which kind of shocked me.  Anyone want to guess how many I have?  I just hope it doesn't collapse lol
I kept my crackles, stripers, base and top coats in my Ice Breakers display thing.  Then in the wicker basket I have my Konad stuff, nail stickers, glitters, etc.


Patti said...

I've got to find myself something like this. Mine are stored in 10 mini plastic boxes. Helmer is too big for me St this point.

Shopping Addict said...

They sell these at Michael's they're 35 dollars full price but they do a lot of buy one get one sales and 40% off sales. They're nice, I own three of them now lol

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