Tuesday, April 17, 2012

350th Post! And Sugarpill!

 - So I got the Sugarpill palette (well I got a palette and a loose shadow) as a gift (my first Sugarpill yay!), for this look we used the palette Heart.   Joe did my make up here, we were just kind of testing it out and playing around, and we did it in a hurry.

There also an Aromaleigh shadow, probably Alloy but I'm not 100%, Covergirl lash blast mascara and we used the Pop Beauty Cat Eyes liner but I think she did her gel liner on top of it.

Plus I think she used a shadow or two from a Kat Von D palette.
- The purple doesn't come through strongly in these photos but it does more in person.

I'm not wearing anything on my lips and I kind of have a weird expression here, ignore that.  I just wanted to get a few shots of this and in the middle of those my camera died, guess it's time to charge it lol

Oh and also, this is my 350th post!  That's kind of awesome, I saw that when I was getting ready to post this so I figured I'd mention it too!


Visagist Vanity said...

Looks good! I've been lemming this palette for awhile....maybe someday i'll take the plunge

Nail Designs xox said...

Ooo I love it! Reminds me of a sunset :)

PrncessSarah02 said...

love looks like a sunset

Shopping Addict said...

Thanks Neeley, I really wanted the other one too and probably would have got it but it's sold out, maybe around my birthday I can.

Thanks Sonia, that's kind of what Joe said too.

Thanks Sarah, Joe said about the same thing, maybe next time we'll go for fire lol

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