Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A Long Awaited Haul Post.

 - The stuff in this post has been accumulating for months.  I just haven't done a haul post.

The stuff in this top photo is stuff I got with a gift card, and I had a coupon for the Maybelline, it was for eye make up but it went through for the Baby Lips, so it was clearanced for 2.98 and I got a 1.50 off.

 - The Physicians Formula was gifts, or well I was given money to get the liner, and when I went to CVS, a coupon printed off for 15 dollars off Physicians Formula and then so did my 5 dollar CVS beauty bucks.  So I got the eyeshadow and the liner for 2 dollars, a buck each how awesome is that.  Pretty much everything in this and the next shot I had coupons for.
All the WnW stuff was 2 for 3 dollars at CVS and then I had a dollar off coupon for each item, in the end each items was 49 cents including the 8 pan palettes - I got those as back ups.

- The Dove items, Target had them on sale and if you bought four you got a five dollar gift card, so I figured I'd just stock up on some Dove, since I'm obviously going to need deodorant anyway.

My Maybelline lipstick I got ended up being damaged which sucks it was the last in that color, I'm going to try and exchange it at another Walmart.
 - WnW lipstick flower.   49 cents a shot.  I <3 WnW.
- Just a few other things, awhile back NYX was 40% off at Ulta and then I had a 20% off coupon, so that made them 60% off, so I picked up some items I've never tried before.  Not pictured was a couple loose shadows.

The Stila gloss (My first Stila gloss!) was a gift from a fellow blogger.  I still need to take some photos in it for her, I feel bad I haven't, I meant to, and then it just disappeared from my head until today, but I will. 

The WnW here I got on the 69 cents deal.   And the Rimmel lipstick (The Kate) I had a coupon for.

Can you tell I'd gotten on to a lipstick kick?
Idk why, I use to be like "Lipstick?  No, never."  But now I'm all "Yes, please!"

I'm so thankful for the gifts I've gotten and the gift cards and coupons I've had.   And keep in mind that the stuff in this post has been accumulating for awhile now.   I didn't go run out and buy it all at once.  


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