Monday, April 9, 2012


So does anyone do Swagbucks?
I do, and I know I posted on here once before, but I was new then.  I've been doing it for awhile now.   It's pretty much a site where you earn points and redeem them for giftcards, for instance at 500 points is a 5 dollar Amazon giftcard.  I've gotten quite a few myself, 50 dollars total - almost 55.

I'd have more but I didn't get to use the site for awhile when my computer died on me, but I'm getting back into using it now.  I use to get at least one 5 dollar giftcard a month sometimes more as you can see from the dates there.  So are you interested yet?  Might want to give it a try yourself?  Because I think you should, it's a really good point earning site.

Enter by clicking on the banner!  You won't regret it!

Search & Win


Rebelious Missa said...

I've been using the same site. Haven't got any rewards yet though.

Shopping Addict said...

I love them, I'm like 17 points from another gift card lol

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