Sunday, April 15, 2012

I Need A Refresh-Mint In Nice, France.

 - I did another drag marble last night, in a slightly different way than I did my first attempt before.

I used Essie Nice is Nice and WnW I Need A Refresh-Mint.  On the first two fingers I did the Essie as my base polish which honestly I think I liked the look of better, the pink with mint on top but the pink wasn't really opaque enough to do it without layering it on really heavy and fast to get the mint on next and start swirling.
- My other hand, again my hands kind of vary in how they look, and my index already has a little chip, seriously, blah.  And the polish isn't entirely flush everywhere from the swirling.

I think it's pretty though and I'm proud of it.

And I hadn't cleaned these up yet, I know, sorry.

And you may also notice my nails are shorter, again, I've been working on downsizing and cleaning and getting rid of things, and I broke one and rage cut them instead of rage quitting.


Nail Designs xox said...

These are so pretty! I so need to figure out drag marbling!

Shopping Addict said...

It's pretty easy, I think you'd love doing it too Sonia.

Niki said...

i love marbling! its messy but so much fun! looks great hun!

Shopping Addict said...

I fail so hardcore at water marbling but I can manage a drag marble pretty good lol and I love thinking up color combos for it.

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