Friday, April 27, 2012

Recent Wins!

 - First off I won a Essie from Cosmo, awesome!  Both me and my friend Sarah won, we stayed up for when it went live and both entered at the same time.   I was excited to get a package from Essie lol

Then the MIO was a freebie/sample but it's full sized and that's pretty awesome too.
 - Then this was my win from MandysSecrets blog birthday giveaway!   I'm super excited to try this palette, and the glosses are gorgeous.  She sent the single gloss as an extra because she didn't get to send the package as fast as she wanted and it's even in a color I think was on my wishlist, I'd have to double check but I'd pretty sure.  Either way I know the palette was!  Thank you Mandy!
 - And here Milo stuck his head into the shot.   He says hello.  He also wants me to thank you on behalf of him and his brother Leo for all the help I've gotten so far on the "Help Me Save My Cats" fund (located in the upper left in case you somehow haven't noticed it lol).
- These I won a bit ago but hadn't posted about them so I figured I'd include them.  I won them seperately but both from Covergirl on Facebook.   A mascara and a Flipstick lipstick!  How awesome.  I haven't open the mascara yet because I want to try and finish one of my current ones up first.

I won a Facebook giveaway yesterday but I don't have it yet (obviously) but I'll post about that when I get it.  And I did win a Glossybox a bit back but Idk when it's being mailed yet.  Super excited for that too.

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