Monday, July 14, 2014

Lip Monthly - July 2014.

I got my second Lip Monthly box!

It's normally a ten dollar box but the code: SUMMERLIPS is still good to get the first one for only five dollars, SIGN UP HERE!

I was really pleased with this box.

The one City Color item was smushed into the lid which displeases me a little but I suppose it isn't entirely ruined, it just somehow got twisted all the way up.
The contents are:

Appeal Cosmetics lipstick in Red Light District, when I saw I got a lipstick, it was in a box and I did the "Please let this be a good color" knock on wood/cross your fingers/and hope thing and then I saw the name and was like well this is promising.  Unf, so pretty.

City Color Cosmetics Lip Balm - Bright Pink.  So pretty too.

City Color Cosmetics Lip Lush - Chic.  The one that got smushed, but I do love the color.

Revlon Color Burst Lip Gloss - Sunbaked.  I wish I was sunbaked atm.  Blah, crazy Minnesota weather.

Non lip item in the box - John Frieda Straight Fixation Smoothing Creme.  Idk if I have a cause for this my hair is very smooth already, but it did say something about like heat protecting, I wonder if it would work before curling, probably not, but it was a thought.

Then the Stila Lip Glaze Stick was a free extra because of my blog post last month.  I was really excited to see Stila, then I saw it was orange and I was a bit meh.  Cause I think everyone knows my feelings on the color Orange.  But the world keeps giving and sending me orange things.  Well we'll see how it looks I guess.

Over all I was really happy with the items in my box!

Again, if you are interested in signing up, use the code SUMMERLIPS (to get the first box for five dollars!) and I'd love you forever if you use this link: Clicky Clicky.


Alex said...

WELP. I sincerely regret not subscribing last month, and now I have to wait until mid-August to do so. Such a lovely selection.

Shopping Addict said...

Well it seems they might be having a few issues now based on comments I've been reading Alex, and atm I seem to be having a referral issue, so maybe that will all get straightened out by then.

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