Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dollar Store...

- Got these at the dollar store, which amuses me some since Elf is normally a dollar anyway.
But I was surprised to find Max Factor at the dollar store, haven't seen them in forever, and they don't really seem to exist anymore anyway.  I just went and looked on wiki, apparently they're choosing to discontinue it here in the US and focus on Covergirl (which I didn't know they were owned by the same people) but they will continue to market it overseas.

But anyway I bought the shadows in Fawn and Bourbon.  Pretty colors.  A look using those is coming up.

In Elf I got two brightening eyeliners in Gilded and Plum - they also came with sharpeners.

Sorry my pictures are flipped around, product should be first but my blog was being pissy on it so eh.  But as you can see the shadows don't show up extremely well on my hand, you can barely see Fawn, but I bought Fawn as a highlighter more so anyway.

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