Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hard Candy Lip Balm In Jenny.

- This is a lip balm (I've lost all my good lip balms lately) I bought in a color called Jenny.  First off the packaging is adorable, I always love Hard Candy's packing.  I haven't loved all their products but I want to love all their products mainly due to my love of their packaging.   But the main problem with this lip balm is it smells horrible.  I mean some lip balms have a bit of a smell but this one stinks.  No one I've polled like the smell of it.   Which kind of makes me sad because I do like the sheer tint of color it gives my lips, but I can't really stand to wear it due to the smell.  Sadness.

Maybe I'll save this one for when I have a cold/sinus infection, then the smell won't matter *Laughs*.

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